Friday, July 18, 2008

The Skrull Secret Invasion Scorecard

So they've been among us for years, and we just found out about it recently. Those pesky Skrulls...what will they think of next? Well, since it officially began, the Invasion has been hitting us hard and heavy. Just in case you've missed a thing or two, here's how we stand so far:

Definitely A Skrull:

Elektra - Her death brought the whole thing about.

Hank Pym - We just found out what happened to him. Seduced by a Skrull, then knocked out and replaced by the same. Awkward!

Jarvis - Not the most stellar of choices, but it sure turned out to be a good one for the information it allowed them access to.

Black Bolt - Go back and read World War Hulk and try to make this work. It doesn't. Still, he was proven to be a Skrull in Illuminati #5, so it's a fact.

Captain Marvel - A little sticky here since he is a Skrull, but he's overwhelmed by Mar-vell's memories and hatred of the Skrulls, so he's working against them by working with them. But come on, did anyone really think they'd bring the real deal back?

Dum Dum Dugan - Didn't start out this way, but with that first mysterious "He loves you", Dum Dum was blasted and we've seen him replaced in recent scenes. The only advantage I could see in this was a way to get close to Nick Fury, but after finding out his girlfriend was a Skrull I don't think he's going to trust any of his old friends.

Spider-Woman - Actually, she's the queen herself. It's still a little hard to make this work since she was so close to Nick Fury after the supposed switch, but she never tried to stop him. But we know for a fact from the storyline itself, she's a Skrull.

Savage Land spaceship Skrulls dead and confirmed as Skrulls: Spider-Man, Beast, Phoenix, Hawkeye. Vision is a confirmed Skrull because of his actions against Sentry, but he is not dead yet.

Possibly A Skrull:
Iron Man - They're just playing with us here, but they want us to think he could be a fake. It would explain the whole Civil War mess, but don't hold your breath. This is Marvel, and they don't take the easy way on any of it. My vote: Definitely not.

Doctor Strange - It would explain a lot about his recent actions right after the World War Hulk incident and the New Avengers Annual. My vote: Most definitely.

Sentry's wife - She was killed during the Ultron attack on Stark Tower, and then she was fine after Sentry's rampage on Ultron for killing her? This little fact hasn't really been played up, and no explanation has ever been offered for it. Add to this the fact that she tried to get Iron Man to kill Sentry just as the invasion was starting (for their own safety, she says), and she's got so 'splainin' to do! My vote: Yes.

Captain America - Steve Rogers was shot and killed. While I'd love to believe he was a Skrull, we saw his body later and it just sort of withered up. Every other Skrull that's been killed in human form has immediately turned back into a Skrull. Cap may not be dead, but whoever got shot wasn't a Skrull. My vote: No way.

Jessica Jones - Remember, just after we saw that iconic scene of Elektra turning out to be a Skrull, we saw Jessica and Luke Cage's baby suddenly get this weird green glint in its eyes. One of the parents is a Skrull, and the easy money goes on Jessica rather than Luke. My vote: Very likely.

Mockingbird - Despite a touching reunion in the Savage Land between Ronin/Hawkeye and his wife (thought dead for years), there's no way she's the real thing. Every other hero from that spaceship has been shown to be a Skrull, so why should she be any different? Weird choice of a hero to impersonate, but considering the fact that she was at one time a SHIELD agent, it makes a little sense. My vote: Yes.

Definitely Not a Skrull:

Nick Fury - He's been waiting for this moment for a long time. He's our only hope. Let's hope we're right.

Thor - As we saw at the end of Secret Invasion 4, he's a little ticked right now at the green guys.

Spider-Man - How I wish it were so, but it's not. This whole "Brand New Day" thing is real.

Wolverine - Shot by Black Widow in Secret Invasion 4, we saw him heal up rather than die. Besides, there's no way they'd touch this one.

Reed Richards - He's the major catalyst behind their hatred for us. And we're seeing him tortured all the time in the story.

Black Panther - Marvel's rule is simple: kill, maim, or torture whoever you want to, but nobody touches the Panther! Besides, he's about to single-handedly wipe out the Skrull Invasion himself...haven't you seen the ads in the comics?

Echo - They tried to trick her and pull her in, but she's still holding strong. She was the one who killed the Skrull Elektra and showed us the truth.

The Sentry - Skrulls are tough. He's too busy crying in space. And besides, they've already said he was the one person who could stop they hurt his feelings and made him go wet himself while hiding in the rings of Saturn.

Maria Hill - Now leading SHIELD since her boss, Tony Stark, has gone bats in the Savage Land, we've seen her standing alone against her own agents (now shown to be Skrulls) while Jarvis demands her surrender. Not sure what makes her so special, but she's one of us.

All this, and Marvel has promised some major Skrull reveals in the final 3 issues of Secret Invasion. I don't know who they've been holding back from us, but it should be interesting.


james said...

Thanks for the excellent summary. I like the thought you've put into this.

JBM 7.83 said...

Hey guys, here in the Philippines.

Our President is in fact a Skrull.

That is why we don't have anymore doubts why she is evil...


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