Friday, October 24, 2008

Comic Book Dream Fights

There are comic book fights that are memorable, and some that we forget when we close the book. And then there are those characters who are incredibly cool in their own titles, and just seem the perfect foil for some other character they've never met.

While there was a time years ago when DC and Marvel seemed to regularly cross over and pit their heroes against each other, those days seem to have passed. Now we are left with nothing but speculation as to what might happen.

These are the dream fights. Whether the characters are from different publishers or have just never crossed paths, these are the fights that would be amazing to see.

Madrox vs. Flashback

This isn't necessarily an impossible battle for us to see someday. Both men are from Marvel Comics, and neither is dead. Still, this is one of those fights we probably won't see simply because it involves 2 second-string characters.

Madrox creates copies of himself any time he takes a physical blow of any kind. Flashback (Gardner Monroe, a former member of Beta Flight and Omega Flight) pulls copies of himself from the future. Both men could conceivably pull a limitless number of themselves out to create their own full-scale war! Madrox would face a slight disadvantage here because his dupes each come with their own personality quirks, so some of them might not fight, while others could possibly even turn on him and help Flashback. At the same time, he could pull one of those really unstable dupes out who would think nothing of blowing the whole area up just to win the fight.

Taskmaster vs. Deathstroke

On the one hand, you have a man who can duplicate any move he sees someone else do. He has the fighting style of Captain America, Iron Fist, and Daredevil, combined with the athletic ability of Spider-Man, Moon Knight, and Shang-Chi. On the other side, you have a man who uses 90% of his brain with enhanced speed, strength, and ability. Both are deadly marksmen, and both have no problem with killing.

Deathstroke would be able to use a move only once before Taskmaster could see it and copy it. Still, Deathstroke is a trained warrior/killer and would be able to adapt to this quickly. He'd have to strike first and hard, because even he would find a problem fighting someone who is a living embodiment of the greatest fighters in the Marvel Universe.

Ultimate Hawkeye vs. Bullseye

This is another battle involving characters from the same publisher, but these two live in different universes. The "Ultimates" version of Hawkeye is an expert with any weapon, and can turn almost anything into a weapon (he killed a room full of doctors by pulling off his fingernails and flicking them into their throats). He never misses, and has recently developed a death wish since the loss of his wife and kid.

Bullseye is a stone-cold killer who is also an expert with any weapon and can turn anything at all into a weapon. While his complete lack of conscience would make this a hard-fought battle for Hawkeye, Bullseye doesn't want to die. This means there are limits to what he would do in the fight just out of a desire for personal safety. On the flip side, Hawkeye would have no problem killing himself if it meant Bullseye was going down.

Moon Knight vs. Catman

Catman was never considered anything more than a laughable Batman villain until he was brought back a few years ago in the Villains United storyline. During that run, he became this tough killer with a now ambiguous sense of right and wrong. One thing is certain: he can fight!

Moon Knight has always been considered Marvel's attempt at a Batman character. His recent return to an ongoing series has brought an entirely new level of gratuitous graphic violence to the character (completely unnecessarily, I might add) in an attempt to prove how tough he is.

This is probably the most evenly-matched battle listed here simply because neither man has any clear-cut advantage over the other. Moon Knight has a slight long range advantage with his crescent throwing stars, but Catman could just as easily use them against him if he ever got his hands on them. Both men use claw knives in close-combat situations, and are accomplished fighters even with no weapons. Who knows how this could turn out?

Deadshot vs. Deadpool

An expert marksman versus the merc with a mouth. Deadshot rarely misses, whereas Deadpool can heal from almost any wound. Both men are fearless in a battle, and both can use multiple weapons with ease.

The advantage here would have to go to Deadpool simply because he can heal so fast. Still, Deadshot is one seriously unbalanced individual, and if he could do enough damage to Deadpool he might push that healing ability beyond its limits.

Red Robin (Jason Todd) vs. Captain America (Bucky Barnes)

The ultimate smackdown between dead-sidekicks-come-back! Both men spent time under the tutelage of serious warriors (Batman and Captain America/Steve Rogers), and both men have received intensive training from other sources since their return.

Since both men fight dirty when necessary, it would be almost impossible to call this fight. Red Robin would probably hit the first blow from the shadows, but after that it would be tough. Cap's shield would offer protection from direct attacks, while his pistol would give him the long range advantage. But Jason Todd's unique acrobatic fighting style and total inhibition when it comes to killing makes his every attack potentially fatal.

This has been a fun little look at fights we'll probably never see. Who should we match up for the next go around?

Don't forget to join us Monday as we look at Part 2 of "The Attack of the Live Action Hero Series!"

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