Saturday, November 1, 2008

Secret Invasion #7 - The Beginning of the End

Hard to believe it's almost over, but the penultimate issue of the Secret Invasion miniseries came out last week and it was grand. The final, big battle between the Skrulls and...well, everybody else started in earnest this issue, and this was one issue that didn't disappoint. After last issue's mostly filler storyline, we are treated to one final surprise from the Skrulls as they unleash their secret weapon!

We see Skrulls die here, and heroes get injured (though there are no deaths in this issue). As with any iconic moment in Marvel history, the Watcher shows up to do nothing but stare. Marvel Boy shows up in a rather explosive way. But the major moment in the story has to go to Clint Barton though. After being royally ticked off by the Skrulls for the deception they pulled on him with his dead wife being alive, then being a Skrull again, he's been looking for a chance for payback. It comes this issue, as the girl Hawkeye from Young Avengers falls, and Clint picks up the bow again. After blowing away several Skrulls, he lets loose the killing arrow on the Skrull Queen (aka Spider-Woman)! This sets in motion the aforementioned secret weapon being set loose: Janet Van Dyne!

No, she's not a Skrull, but you had to know it was coming ever since we found out Hank Pym was one. Issues of New Avengers and Mighty Avengers over recent months have flashed back to that scene where he gave her the growth formula in Mighty Avengers #1 as an "anniversary present". Of course, that present had a few extra strings attached. Will she be the major Avengers death we've been promised?

I have to say this miniseries has been much more interesting than DC's Final Crisis. Both minis have had their share of iconic moments, but Secret Invasion has been easy to follow and a fairly consistent ride throughout. I'm looking forward to the final issue. While I don't hold out any hopes they'll bring complete closure to the story with that issue, I am looking for an ending at least to this war as they prepare for the next step: finding the heroes that have been replaced!

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