Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Dark Knight on DVD!

As if you didn't know, The Dark Knight comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray today. If you haven't already pre-ordered your copy, then the absolute coolest deal I've found is from Best Buy. If you have one nearby, it's worth the drive today to grab the goodies they're putting out on release day.

You can get a special edition of Blu-Ray or DVD with a Batman cowl or one of the robber's masks. This is not a full-sized mask you can wear, but it's a smaller scale statue of the mask on a stand. Very cool and heavy! As you can tell, I hit Best Buy first thing this morning.

While there, you can also grab two exclusive statues. One is of Batman, while the other is the Joker standing on a deck of cards. They run $10 each, and are both really well-done, especially for the price.

Finally, we have the motherlode. If you own a Blu-Ray player, Best Buy has this setup. It's a miniature of the Bat-Pod, hand-painted and on a stand. Mounted behind it is a bat symbol that holds the two-disc edition of the film. This one is $60, but if you're a fan it's worth it.

There are no deleted scenes in the movie, which isn't so bad considering the length of the film (and it's been mentioned in interviews that there are no deleted scenes...everything shot was in the movie).

Just a quick update today about a great movie! Join us Thursday for a regular post!

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Rick said...

I did pre-order it and will be giving it as a Christmas gift. Someone else asked me it I wanted it for Christmas and I quickly said yes. They will probably get it from Meijer since they work for them so I won't get the extras but I will have the film.

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