Monday, December 1, 2008

Nightwing #150 - We have our winner for the Batman's cowl!

I have long been a fan of Nightwing. Dick Grayson has been that hero with untapped potential that DC rarely does anything proper with, but he's always been so much cooler than the rest of the Batman family.

I know this review is 3 weeks behind the publication date, but with the recent news that they're canceling the title in 3 issues, I wanted to hit on this because this issue was a home run! In this double-sized issue, Nightwing finally has his confrontation with Two Face as Harvey prepares to destroy the city because of the death of his beloved Carol (whom he himself killed). This issue literally has it all.

The story starts a little slowly as we get the first hints as to Dick's future. When Barbara says "You sound like Bruce" and gives a description of the gravelly, cold voice he uses in the cowl, I take that as a good sign. By all means, let him have the Batman suit!

From that point, there is a ton of action as Dick tries to stop a fleet of blimps from dropping acid all over the city (I know how that sounds, but it's not drug-related, I promise). With his "Wing" craft destroyed, he must rely on the grand old acrobatics to get the job done--and he succeeds in every respect.

Dick shows a brutal side that is trying to set him up as a contender for the cowl. He beats down the bad guys and goes all out to protect his city and the folks who depend on him. This is a great, well-rounded character that they've finally started tapping the potential of...right before they cancel his title.

It's a well-known fact that Nightwing was actually supposed to be the one who died during Infinite Crisis rather than Superboy, but at the last minute he got a reprieve. Now it looks like that might have been a blessing for DC and one decision they finally got right. DC is canceling Nightwing, Robin, and Birds of Prey in February, promising new directions for all of the characters in a storyline called "Battle for the Cowl". Personally, I think Robin will become Red Robin, the Birds of Prey will reboot, but with Nightwing I'm unsure. I hope Dick becomes Batman (and he was the winner in our recent poll for the job), but it'll be down to him and Jason Todd, I'm sure. No matter who gets the title, we know it won't last forever. Bruce Wayne is Batman and always will be. Still, even if we get the "Wally West" treatment with the characte and Dick takes the title for decades, it'll be in good hands.

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