Friday, January 16, 2009

Farewell, Robby Reed

Just wanted to say goodbye to one of my favorite comic blogs, Dial B for Blog. Today Robby Reed is publishing his 500th issue of the blog and calling it quits. While 500 posts may not seem like a lot in this blog-crazy day and age, each of Robby's posts were detailed, well-written, chock-full-of-pictures entries that brought out some great moments in the Silver Age of comics. If you've never read it before, it's not the best time to suddenly decide you love it (since it's over now), but the archives are full of some wonderful articles on great stories and characters you missed.

Here's my favorite post dealing with my favorite obscure hero. Who else would have devoted so much attention to Captain Klutz?

We'll miss you, Dial B for Blog. Sockamagee!

Next week, we'll take our own look at the Silver and Bronze Age of comics on Monday and Thursday!


Bubbashelby said...

It's a shame he's stopping, but all good things must end. It can continue on as a great resource nonetheless.

chalwa said...

Number 6:
Come now! Surely a knowledgeable fellow like yourself knew they kept the date ahead so that the comics would stay on the shelves longer. That started in the Golden Age!

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