Monday, June 1, 2009

Quiz Time and Our Contest Winner!

They come, they go, they die, and they come back. It seems impossible to keep any comic book hero down for long. Of course, the big thing is how they get there in the first place.

I love trivia games, so I slapped one together just to see how much you really know about comic book deaths. Try it if you dare, and make sure you post your final score so we can see how well everyone did. Then check out the bottom of the post to find out who won our contest!

Our Contest Winner was:

I took the entries in the order they were received, numbered them, then went to and asked for a number from the participants. Our winner was Jim Hall! Jim wins our prize pack of the "Comic Book Confidential" movie, 2 books, a dozen comic books, and a mystery action figure!

Thanks to everyone who participated! I had some great suggestions, and you'll be seeing many of them before the summer ends. This was so much fun we'll have to do it again when we get some more cool prizes to give away!

Congratulations, Jim!


Bubbashelby said...

I only got a 60% - all those darn Marvel questions threw me off ;)

And congrats to Jim for the win!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the congrats Bubbashelby - and thanks for the win Brian.

It's a good think the prizes were not dependent on performance on the quiz - all those darn DC questions threw me off.


Anonymous said...

Only 85%? Man, I thought I knew more about comics than that...

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