Monday, July 27, 2009

San Diego Comic Con!

We're back! I know I said I'd have updates on a daily basis, but I was what is affectionately know as "a noob" when it came to this Con. I had no idea it was literally a dawn-to-dusk event that required hours of waiting in lines for literally everything and paying drug-money prices for hot dogs and pizzas! I have to say, however, that this was probably the highlight of the comic-collecting portion of my life!

I will have a full rundown on everything later this week after I've had a chance to unpack and upload some of the pictures I took. Let me just give you some teaser info: I got to meet and talk to my favorite comic book artist of all time, my favorite television heroes of all time, and my favorite author of all time! More on that later this week!

There was a lot of buzz going around that they were thinking of moving the Con to Los Angeles because the San Diego Convention Center was just too small to hold it all. I have to say that would be a good idea. This was my first time there, but the crowds were just horrible. The aisles were constantly packed and it was a continual upstream battle to get anywhere on the exhibition floor.

And if you wanted some "Convention Exclusive" toys you could forget it. Hey Hasbro and Mattel: if you know the Con is sold out and you know your "exclusive" toys are going to be selling like fire, why not make lots of them so we can all have them instead of just making a handful and letting people battle to the death for a ticket that lets them stand in a line that might get them a toy after a few hours of waiting, but then again it might not.

The exclusive Green Lantern figures were the worst of all. You had to wait in line for hours so you could reach into a bag with pink tickets or green tickets. If you pulled out a green ticket, you could buy a Lantern. A pink ticket got you the knowledge that you had wasted three hours of your life you'd never get again. People were selling them for $100 a piece on the floor after paying $12 for them. What a crock!

Before I go let me close this out by saying that if you haven't already pre-ordered the new Green Lantern: First Flight cartoon going on sale tomorrow, you need to do so. We saw it there and I have to say it's the best thing DC has put out in years! I've been collecting Green Lantern comics since I was a child and know his origin backwards and forward, but they managed to keep me wondering what would happen next. Get this movie!

More updates later this week!


Suze said...

Here's somebody else who thinks the San Diego Comic Con has become too big...and he's been attending for 30 years:

Nick said...

Did you see the video at the convention for Season 9 of Smallville? I'm glad they're finally putting Clark in a Superman costume, but come on, Superman needs a CAPE not a trenchcoat.

Brian said...

We had to leave Sunday morning so I missed that panel. He's getting a trenchcoat?

Nick said...

Brian, yes, it's a black costume with a silver "S" on the chest -- and a dark trenchcoat.

I wrote about it on my blog entry today which became a Editor's Pick and a featured article on the home page of -- Check it out.

I was able to see bootleg copy of the Smallville teaser online this morning, but the shot of Tom Welling in the new costume was too dark for me to make out. Hopegully they'll post a clear pic someday soon. The costume i'm sure will evolve, but so many folks trash the "man in tights" costume and ridicule the cape that I thought it was time to speak out and defend the classic costume.

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