Monday, August 3, 2009

Black Lanterns We'd Like to See!

Ok, so if you haven't read Blackest Night #1 yet, you might not fully understand what this is about. If you have, you know DC's throwing down the gauntlet by bringing back some of their best dead characters for some creepy moments on the heroes. You never really realize how many dead heroes there were out there until DC decides to bring them all back at once as bad guys! There were some incredible reveals in the first issue, and you need to grab it as I'm sure this is the story DC will consider its flagship for 2009.

Still, even with great returns like Superman 2, Aquaman, Firestorm, Blue Beetle, Hawk, Dove, and Elongated Man, there are several characters who deserve a shot at the return--even if they aren't a part of the DC Universe. With the digitally-enhanced Photoshop magic of my son, Khristian, I'd like to present my wish list if there were no boundaries to the Black Lantern power:

1. Rorschach - The guy was psycho-town when he was alive. He had no limits on what he'd do to criminals ("I'm not trapped in here with're trapped in here with me!"). Now imagine what he'd be like with that whole "undead" thing going for him.

2. Captain America - I know "Reborn" is bringing him back, but wouldn't it be cool to see him coming back as a Black Lantern? He's fought with the best of the heroes, he knows their style, and I think he'd be next to impossible to beat. Take away his moral compunction against killing, and more than one hero would be joining the Black Lanterns before Cap was finished.

3. Gwen Stacy - Geoff Johns has said that the emotional impact of the Black Lanterns was what's important in the story. He didn't just want a "zombie book", and I can't think of very many folks who would fit that bill better for Spider-Man. Never mind the fact that she has no super-powers, just think about the emotional roller coaster it would be for Spider-Man as she tried to kill him!

4. The Question - I'm not sure if he's going to make it back or not in the series, but I would hope so. However, my only request is that he lives through it all and comes back as a regular hero to take Montoya's place. Vic was the much better version of the hero, and DC could really use that paranoid guy right now. There's so much going on behind the scenes, and he'd be the perfect one to bring it all to light.

5. Bill Foster/Giant Man - He died violently at the hands of a clone created by Tony Stark and Reed Richards. I think he'd have a good bit of anger to resolve if given the chance. Of course, he'd probably aim it all at Thor first off because he didn't know it was a clone who killed him, but after things were straightened out Mister Fantastic had better go on a quick vacation before Giant Man shows up at the Baxter Building.

6. Uncle Ben - Again, no powers here, but if you were looking to emotionally cripple Spider-Man you'd be hard-pressed to beat this choice--especially if you brought Gwen Stacy back too. Let Ben go after Aunt May (and kill her, please!) and you've got Pete in the middle of a madhouse.

7. Ultimate Wolverine - So Magneto completely reduces the guy to dust in Ultimatum #5, which is one thing he's not going to regenerate from. That means he's ripe for our wish list! We saw what a bad Wolverine could do in the "Enemy of the State" storyline. Now take that one step further and turn him into a killing machine that actually enjoys killing (as the Black Lanterns do) and you have the character who will have his black ring charged up faster than any other character out there.

And as for my prediction as to how it will all end...

What about you? If you could pick someone from any comic universe to come back, who would it be?


Anonymous said...

Bruce Wayne's, parents. Talk about emotional roller coaster...

superman said...

I don't like these new superheroes that now appear in comic books. I think that nothing compares with superman and his powers.

Nick said...

Cool list. I was never much of a Green Lantern fan but recently I'm coming around.

Lance said...

I would like to see some off the wall characters as Black Lanterns. Freakazoid and Space Ghost would be kinda cool I think. I'd also like to see more less serious characters like Bluntman and Chronic or The Mask. The Spirit would be cool too but he's immortal so... Oh. Azrael would also be a kick ass BL.

I wish I could draw that shit up...

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