Monday, February 15, 2010

Cool Toy Alert!

While I know this post won't appeal to everyone, I had to make mention of this awesome pre-sale going on right now at Entertainment Earth for the DC Mego-style figures coming out next month. I grew up with a collection of these figures and have watched them become gold on Ebay over the years (which kept me from filling in any holes in the collection).

I purchased the Green Arrow figure from the day it went on sale, so I can tell you if the others are based off of this (which they are) then these are close to the original feel, though not just like it. The figure feels a lot more fragile out of the box than the original Green Arrow from Mego. Still, it's a cool concept and I'm glad I grabbed one while it was available. He even came with a bow and arrow this time instead of just the quiver and hat. Unfortunately you can't shoot the boxing glove arrow, but whatever.

These figures will probably sell out quickly, even though they are pretty pricey. They run about $22 a piece, which makes them something more for collectors than casual toy buyers. They're definitely a lot more expensive than the original ones years ago!

The thing I really like is how they've kept the retro feel of them by keeping Lex Luthor and Sinestro in their 70's appearance rather than bringing them into the modern look. As far as I know, this is the first time Green Lantern has been offered in this style. I don't know why Mego gave Green Arrow a figure and not his partner, but who am I to question?

I'm really psyched to get Superman back. It's not because I'm a huge fan, but I still remember playing with him when I was a kid. I vividly remember that day in the back yard when I was throwing him into the air and pretending he could fly. One time I threw him into the air and he didn't come back down again because I had misjudged my throw and he ended up on the roof (where he might still be to this day). It was a sad day in my childhood and I'm looking forward to adding this new version to my collection to take the place of his predecessor.

If you're a toy collector, this is something you've waited for since they announced it last year. Grab one on pre-order because it's doubtful they'll last and I don't think they'll make it to any retail stores.

Here's where you can order them:


Green Lantern

Lex Luthor


And he's not available right now, but keep your eye out for Green Arrow again in the future.


chunky B said...

These are going to be a Toys R Us and Internet "exclusive".

There are already reports of the first series (Superman, Lex, Green Lantern and Sinestro) showing up in TRU's.

I cannot wait to get some of these!

Brian said...

They are definitely expensive, but they're also pretty cool. It would have been nice to have them at about half the price they are now though. At around twenty bucks a pop, they're probably just going to appeal to collectors.

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