Monday, December 13, 2010

Superhero Wish Lists

Khristian has finals this week so I'm stepping in with a quick post...

While Santa has indeed made many appearances in comics over the years and helped out in various adventures, how often has he actually ever gotten to give gifts to the heroes? If I were Santa (and for a few years, I was) here's what I would give to the heroes out there:

1. Spider-Man: A journal so he could write down his thoughts and life stories...that way if Quesada decides to wipe his history out again at least he'll have some way to remember why he's so turned on by redheads.

2. Bucky Barnes: A reprieve from his actions as Winter Soldier so he can just concentrate on having some adventures instead of all this "I was brainwashed" junk we have now.

3. Jason Todd (Red Hood): A real-life Batman suit so he can stop playing around and just be Batman already!

4. Batman (Bruce Wayne): A new address book so he can keep up with all the new Batmen he's got around the world now. Seriously, it took him this long to consider franchising? McDonald's did it in the first 10 years of business!

5. Deadpool: A gift certificate for Shuller Plastic Surgery and Facial Reconstruction Clinic. 'Nuff said.

6. Superman: The opportunity to have Bryan Singer alone in a room for 5 minutes to pay for "Superman Returns".

7. Ant-Man: A date with Giganta, just to see if sparks fly. She likes little men from what I hear.

8. Deadshot: A teddy bear. Come on, we all know the guy's got a soft side somewhere!

9. Lex Luthor: A Hair Club for Men membership (come on, seriously, the guy has that much money and has never considered hair follicle replacement over the years?)

What would you get for the hero (or villain) who has everything?

For a few really great old Christmas superhero record stories from the 70's and 80's, visit Dial B for Blog's Christmas post. Merry Christmas!

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