Thursday, January 27, 2011

DC Brings Their Prices Down

A busy week in comics news this week as we throw out another post!

DC recently made the announcement that starting in January they were dropping the prices of all their books (with the exception of annuals and double-sized books) to $2.99 in response to the fans. Somehow it finally dawned on them that $4 a book for 22 pages of action was a tad steep. Now it's $3 a book for 20 pages of action, which is a trade-off I suppose. They want the fans to start trying newer titles.

What about you? Will this make you give more titles a shot, or are you just going to be a satisfied customer with the titles you already go with?

On a different note, did anyone ever imagine there would come a day when Green Lantern would be the focal character for DC on a splash ad rather than Superman or Batman? I mean, he's shooting his ring into the sand for some reason, but he's right there leading the pack!


John G said...

No difference for me. I get so few comics that one dollar more or less does not matter either way. The shipping on the other hand is more painful.

Luckily getting almost exclusively collection editions helps with that.

Jonathan said...

$2.99 is a price that I can try new books out. DC made the right move. I think Marvel is going to suffer.

Rick said...

Most likely he is the focal character because his movie comes out this year. I haven't bought a new comic in years. I am glad to see prices come down but it would have to be closer to $1 an issue before I come back to being a regular buyer. I may be cheap but I always thought more then that was just crazy.

Anonymous said...

He's drawing the line (in the sand) at $2.99.

Alex Seigfried said...

I don't want a paper book, I want a digital copy I can download, read, delete and then download again at some other point (like using Steam for video games). I'm willing to pay $2 for this. $1 to read, $1 for the bandwidth.

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