Friday, February 18, 2011

Batman:Odyssey R.I.P.?

Just got word yesterday from my comic book pre-order that "Batman:Odyssey" issue #7 is not coming out and has been canceled by the supplier. Not "delayed"..."canceled".

Does this mean the end of the Caped Crusader???

To be honest, I've been confused and underwhelmed by the series. I was so excited to see Neal Adams back drawing Batman again (and writing it this time), but the first six issues were a complete letdown. I don't know if his plans were to wrap things up neatly and nicely in the final six-issue story arc, and it appears we'll never know now. I hope he gets the chance to do it again, perhaps this time with another writer.


Chris Mosby said...

I thought it was so bad that I stopped after the second issue (and that was only because it was preordered). That is time from my live I can never get back.

Brother Darkness said...

I... don't see what was so bad about it. I really thought it was good and a lot of the stuff was interesting [like the hidden fake blood in his suit]. Sure, Bruce talking at the beginning [and usually ending] of each comic was unusual, but so? Just made it unique.

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