Saturday, February 12, 2011

The New FF...or "This Is Why I Write This Blog"

The title of this blog is the obvious motivation behind why I write it, and when I see stuff like the new Fantastic Four title (now minus Johnny Storm for obvious reasons), it just seals it for me. Here's why I think this one comic deserves a special weekend post of its own:

First: the costumes. They all look like generic heroes who couldn't afford real costumes. Is that a honeycomb on the chest? While the original blue suits were never that flashy, these outfits look strange. But that is explained by their new name...

Second: Future Foundation? Seriously? They sound like an old 80's Saturday morning cartoon series. Like it should be preceded by "Tommy Tomorrow and the..." or something. I can appreciate the writers were trying to keep the "FF" moniker for branding purposes, but they couldn't do better than that?

Third: Spider-Man? Between his own series and the New Avengers, now he's a member of the FF. Where do heroes like Spider-Man and Wolverine find time for anything else? And why not bring in a second or third-string hero that's not in other books to get a chance to shine? Without the Human Torch, they have no ranged fighter to speak of, so why not bring in someone like Stingray, or create a new Guardian from the old Alpha Flight suit and bring him back? How about letting Franklin Richards finally grow up and become a part of the team? How old should he be now...30 or something? I guess it's all for sales.

I have to give them credit for Spider-Man's new costume. Forcing him into the same generic suit does make him seem like more of a member of the team...but then we have to ask why? It's not like the X-Force suits that are meant to be camouflaged and therefore need to be black. These are generic white "Look at me!" suits. How is this a necessary change from the red-and-blues?

But I guess we all know this is just a placeholder until Johnny Storm comes back and we get the old blue suits back. But still, I can't say I'm blown away by the new FF. But then again, I was never a big fan of the originals either.

What about you? Is this a comic you're picking up, or are you passing on the whole thing?


borky said...

This looks like the merchandising dept. of Marvel's 'new' owners thought, "Ooh, we sell lots of Spidey comics AND tickets for Spidey Movies, so maybe if we join Spidey to the FF then their comic sales might go up and people might actually go to see their movies!"

Even the 'colourless' white costumes and the chest emblems're probably designed for general manufacturing convenience, and all round cost lowering, meaning of course even more K-TCHING!

borky said...

p.s. I look at those costumes, especially Spiderman's, and all I can think of is the long ago days when butchers used to sell people meaty bones for their dogs and cats, (instead of unknown tinned mush "with wild tarragon"), and all you'd see everywhere was these little white crumbly cat and dog turds!

Anonymous said...

Second: I think it's Future Foundation. Not Future Force.

Nick said...

When are they bringing back the Human Torch? Death is never forever in comics.

Captain Elias said...

I, too, think the costumes are pretty hideous. Spidey's in particular is very off-putting.

I was never a big FF guy myself, but I've been following Hickman's run because I'm a sucker for hype and the art has been really beautiful.

The whole Future Foundation storyline was laid down in his run, but I never loved it. Smacks a bit of Batman, Inc. to me, franchising superheroics.

And I agree on adding Spidey to the lineup. Not only is he on two Avengers teams and several of his own books, but he's showing up in multiple X-Titles. One would almost think he had a moving coming out or something.

I like the Guardian suggestions, but I even would welcome some of their old FF stand-ins. Why not She Hulk? Or Crystal? Or some Heroes for Hire? Using Parker feels like a ploy to get me to buy it.

And honestly, the only reason I might continue is because I love Val. I think I just want a Val Richards and Layla Miller comic.

srscotty said...

I just resubscribed to fantastic four, not ff, and it starts up in December '11 with issue 601. No details yet.

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