Monday, April 25, 2011

What If He Wasn't The Batman?

Ever wonder what would have happened if Bruce Wayne had been interrupted in his thought processes by something besides a bat? What kind of hero would he have turned out to be?

In 1974, we were treated to a two-page answer with some pretty cool results. Unfortunately, the color isn't the best in some of these alternates, but see what you think. Click on the picture to see the full size page.

So looking at this we see a few interesting options. The Scorpion is, of course, a Spider-Man villain. The Stingray became a Marvel hero in the 70's. The Owl was cool because Batman's evil counterpart from Earth 3 was Owlman. The last two...well, I guess you can say Iron Man was the last one. Shooting Star might have been original enough.
Of that group, I'd have to give The Owl the biggest chance of being a star. What do you think?


JoeGKushner said...

At least he's not walking through an alley and stumbles over a used condom. "To protect my identity I will become the Rubber!"

Brian Reaves said...

Joe, that opens the door for a ton of other great options! Come on, folks, give us some other great possibilities as to who he MIGHT have become...

Anonymous said...

A couple of those seem pretty unfeasible. The Iron Knight's clanking armor would have alerted evil doers from several blocks away; ditto for The Shooting Star's phosphorescent presence.

Was he working as a park ranger when he was inspired to become The Owl? For a moment I thought he'd been thrust back into the Civil War.


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