Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Thrill is Gone, Baby

Usually, the highlight of my month is when I sit down on the couch with the latest issue of Previews and slowly go through each page to plan my upcoming months. I read over the synopsis of most interesting-looking comics and decide which is worth buying and which is worth just passing over until the trade paperback comes out and I can get the whole story cheaper. It's usually a ritual for me that I love.

This month was different.

As I sat down this week to put together my comic book order, I realized I was looking at the last DC issues before the reboot comes out. There were several variations on the theme of "...will never be the same after this issue! Things change forever!" but then I realized that nothing happening in these few preceding months' issues will really matter. If I skip the next two months it's all fine because nothing happening will actually have a lasting impact on the title thanks to the reboot. It was such a sad experience for me to realize I could literally stop reading DC comics for a couple of months and not miss a thing.

I can appreciate the need for a jumping-on point for new readers, but an entire line's reboot at once is disheartening. Marvel lost me by taking 20 years of Spider-Man's history and throwing it out the window without so much as a nod to the fans. That was just one title. A whole lineup? Ouch!

Marvel's not doing much better for me. I really try to get into some of their titles, but there's nothing really that grabs me as "must read" anymore. I've tried to get excited about "Fear Itself" but it's just another stupid crossover event for Marvel and to me it's too soon after the last one with the Chaos King stuff.

In the end, my order had exactly 3 comic titles on it...and none of them DC.

What about you? Are you skipping out on the next few months to save money for the reboot titles?


Bill, the Wildcat said...

The only comic book I collect at this time is "Red Robin." I definitely will be getting the last issues for the series between now and the reboot, because the series will be going away completely.

The big decision for me is if I want to roll the dice on what will be Tim Drake's only monthly series, "Teen Titans," after the reboot. In a way, it's the reverse of what you're experiencing.

Still, I also feel about the same as you in that I can't look upon the next few months as anything but meaningless in the greater scheme of things, which is unfortunate for some of the better creative teams DC has, which will also be going away in the reboot.

Flying Tiger Comics said...

I only read stuff from IndyPlanet now. I got all the Atlas tpb stuff, then that went nowhere, they messed with the characters so that was that. Spider-Man was the breakpoint for me for Marvel and DC long since lost me.

I think the DC reboot is hilariously inept although there are a lot significant things happening, not in the comics but with DC officially nothing more than some brands at Warner.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning on buying the next couple months of the titles I currently get, them dropping them all when the reboot hits. I can understand DC wanting to shake things up a bit but they threw out the baby (and the entire tub) with the bathwater on this one. They are going to drive away readers in droves.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Marvel guy, so far I'm loving Pak and Van Lente's Herc, Bendis' Moon Knight is showing promise and I've grabbed a couple of limited series off the shelves recently.

I don't read DC so the reboot doesn't affect me at all thankfully.

Orange Mask said...

This post reflects my thoughts on the current state of affairs completely. Absolutely. The only thing from Marvel I'm checking out these days is Future Foundation and really that to see Spidey in new type of stories. I'm simply not a marvel guy when it comes to comics though IMHO they make much better movies.

"War of the Green Lanterns" is the last thing that I am really picking up that isn't Flashpoint right now from DC. And I'm sure it doesn't matter long term. I'm sure Mogo will be back as will several lost Black Lanterns. It's as you said disheartening that nothing matters really until September. I feel like DC is shooting themselves in the foot.

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