Thursday, August 18, 2011

Plastic Man Cartoon

Really funny! I remember the old Plastic Man series from the 1980's, and I think this version of the character is closer to what the comics had in mind. This was a pilot for a Cartoon Network series, but it never got picked up. Instead we saw him appear in Brave and the Bold for a few episodes.

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William said...

I've watched this a few times on YouTube and gotta say that I like it. My only nit is that it drifts a little too far into "Ren & Stimpy" territory. I loved Ren & Stimpy and I love Plastic Man, but I'm not sure if they are necessarily "two great tastes that go great together". If you know what I mean?

It seems that most (if not all) of the people who have worked on Plastic Man, other than his creator Jack Cole, really don't "get" him. They always seem to portray him as totally off-the-wall and whacky, like he's crazy or something. That's not the way that Cole intended him. The original Plastic Man was a humorous adventure series, but it wasn't a farce. Plastic Man was a pretty straight forward super hero type who happened to have a whacky power and a wild imagination. He had a very cartoonish, idiot of a sidekick, but he wasn't very whacky or weird himself. He was usually portrayed as the calm in the center of the storm of lunacy that always seemed to surround him.

That said, I still thought this pilot was a lot better than half the toons out there and I would've definitely been a faithful viewer if they had picked it up and made it a regular series.

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