Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trailer Thursday: Batman - Death Wish

Cool looking fan film:


Chris said...

Not bad...a cool little detective story, very well shot, but the fighting and (especially) the acting left a little to be desired. Awesome costume design, though. It's great to see them using Cassandra Cain as Batgirl, but I feel the "Poison Ivy is influencing her" thing is overused.

Great to see fans show so much love for these stories/characters that they are willing to put that much time, effort, and money into creating cool stuff like this for us to enjoy.

William said...

That was sweet. I'd like to see an "official" Batman flick that stayed so true to the comics.

MOCK! said...

Nice find! I loved the costumes and thought the portrayals were decent enough...walking so slowly and deliberately meant some scenes were a little "off" to me....otherwise, fun!

Ben Culture said...

Very watchable. The dude who played Robin was way better than Chris O'Donnell. Batman was a little stiff, in both movement and talking, and Catwoman was just all wrong ... but I'd watch a two-hour movie of that.

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