Monday, March 29, 2010

Comics in Crisis Yard Sale!

I've never tried anything like this on this blog before, but as I was listing tons of figures on I stopped and thought it would be cool to give my readers the first shot at anything they wanted.

I have a lot of Eaglemoss Classic Figurines (both Marvel and DC) for sale, and they're going to go waaaaay below the list price you can get them for online. If you're familiar with these, you know they are top quality lead sculpts about four or five inches high that are painted in exquisite detail and include a booklet with information about the history of that character. These normally list for $14-$18 a piece, but I need to make some room so I'm letting them go to my readers for $10+$1 for shipping. These are unopened and are mostly duplicates from my collection.

Here's what you've got to choose from:

Doc Samson
Madrox the Multiple Man (the bag is torn but this hasn't been opened or displayed)
Alan Scott Green Lantern
Union Jack
Impossible Man
Blue Beetle 
Barry Allen Flash
Green Arrow
DC Superhero Figurine Collection #37 BatgirlBatgirl
Lex Luthor
Ra's Al Ghul
Martian Manhunter
Doomsday (Super Special oversized, which will cost you $17 with shipping because of the size and weight of this one)
Gorilla Grodd (Super Special oversized, same price as above)

As an added bonus, I am tossing in a few comic books with each figure sold. Which books? Who cares--they're free! They'll be mainstream DC and Marvel comics relatively recent, so you aren't going to find any lost treasure, but you'll probably find something you haven't read before.

This is a first-come first-served basis sale, so email me at comicsincrisis(at) if see something you want. I can send you an invoice through PayPal if you'd like, or I can hold it until your payment of cash or money order arrives.

This listing is good from today until April 11, 2010, after which anything I have left will be listed on This is a great way for your to begin a collection or add to one you already have. You can do an online search for any of those listed figures and you're going to see they're gorgeous.

I have a ton of figures I'm selling as well, so if this goes well I might just come back with a discounted list of other DC and Marvel showcase figures I have.

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