Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Our Birthday and You Could Get the Gifts!

As I mentioned yesterday, this little blog just turned 3 years old! Now, I'd love to pass out cake and ice cream for everyone, but we've decided to do something special for one lucky reader instead.
Random pic from the web--but the right size box

I'm an avid comic book collector and unfortunately I have a tendency to buy too many books sometimes. I've been selling a lot of stuff on lately, but I have a box of comics sitting here that needs a good home. So that's what we're giving you the chance to win: absolutely free, a box full of Marvel and DC comics!

How do you enter? That's simple:

1. Go to our Facebook page

2. Click "Like".

3. Wait and see if you've won!

Around July 31, 2011 we'll put our list of followers into a randomizer program, hit enter, and take the first name that pops up!

Tell a friend though, and here's why: If we reach 30 followers, I'll throw another box of comics into the mix so that gives you 2 chances to win! 

Now to the FAQs:

1. What comics are in the box?   Different ones, but all Marvel and DC. I will do my best to have absolutely no repeats in any of them. Most are from the past 3 years. You might even find a complete run of an "event" like Blackest Night or Siege!

2. Can I request a particular title?  Afraid not. I'm packing that box full of goodies though, so you should find something you like.

3. How many comics will I win?   As many as I can safely pack into the USPS $10 shipping box. I estimate around 20 or so, but it could be many more.

4. What does it cost to enter?  Nothing. There's no cost to you at all. I just want to get more readers heading our way and Facebook seems like a great way to start.

5. How many chances do I get to win?   One per "like", but for every 30 "like"s we get I'll throw out another box of comics. If we get 60 likes, there will be 3 boxes of comics given out which means you now have 3 chances of winning!

6. Are they bagged and boarded?  Nope, but they're free!

7. Why would you do this?  I just wanted a chance to give something back to the folks who take the time to read this blog. It's a contest all month long, so get on in there! I'm giving away an early-bird prize when the "likes" reach a certain number, so enter quickly and you might win another great comic-book-related gift while you wait!

It's our birthday, but thank you for reading our blog! Jump on in here and get a chance at some free comics!


Rick said...

WHat is someone had more then 1 facebook account? Can they enter for all of them or would that be wrong?

Brian Reaves said...

Feel free to use as many accounts as you have, Rick. It's not cheating. :)

Mike said...

If we already "liked" Comics in Crisis on Facebook before this contest can we still win the comics?

Brian Reaves said...

Mike, as long as you're among the "likes", your name is in there!

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